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Use state of the art machine learning algorithms to recognize, understand and reason about food.







Food Recognition

Use our state of the art image recognition models to analyze what your users eat, determine what's trending and make your content easier to find.

  • Hierarchical Predictions

    Detect high level categories like beverage and soup as well as specific dishes and ingredients.

  • Categorization

    Predict item attributes like cuisine, preparation method and flavor.

  • Personalization

    Get unmatched recognition accuracy with models that use a user's eating habits to refine predictions and automatically learn to recognize past meals.

Rhubarb Pie

Pancakes with Cream and Strawberries

Muesli with Greek Yogurt and Nectarines

Intelligent Food Logging SDK

Automate meal logging with a fully featured machine learning based food logging SDK.

  • Engaging Image Based Logging

    With food recognition logging a meal takes as little as 5 seconds. Our machine learning models learn to recognize past meals and improve with usage.

  • Comprehensive Nutrition Database

    Integrated with our Food Knowledge Graph that contains a large set of commonly eaten foods, with nutrition facts, and hierarchical structure.

  • Personalized Search and Recommendations

    Includes faceted instant search that's personalized to the user, so most likely foods can be found with a single key stroke.

Food Knowledge Graph

Reason about food. Get access to our database of nutrition information, ingredients, categorizations, and relations.

  • Food Hierarchy

    Organized from high level concepts like beverage and sandwich down to specific branded products and variants.

  • Categorization

    Categorized by dietary trends, cuisine, preparation method and restrictions.

  • Nutrition Information

    Most items include calories, macro and micro nutrients as well as ingredients.

  • Trends

    Statistics on popularity, most likely consumption time and most likely items to be consumed with.


Special K Cereal




Breakfast Cereal


Special K Red Berries
Special K Vanilla Almond
Special K Chocolatey Delight
Special K Cinnamon Pecan





OCR a bag of chips

Nutrition Fact OCR

Collect nutrition information from any package using tailored optical character recognition models.

  • Unmatched Accuracy

    Unlike a standard OCR solution, our models are optimized for nutrition labels, leading to much higher accuracy.

  • Structured Output

    Returns structured nutrition fact responses that are compatible with out knowledge graph representation.

Natural Language Understanding
Coming Soon

Turn unstructured text into a semantic representation that's easier to index and search.

  • Parsing

    Parse food names and recipes, identifying items, preparation methods, brands and serving sizes.

  • Categorization

    Predict cuisine, dish types, high-level categories and ingredients from text.

  • Semantic Similarity

    Make sense of user generated text by find semantically similar items in your database.


"Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup"


CONST Creamy
ING Chicken
ING Wild Rice



is type of


Wild Rice

is type of


Creamy Soup

is type of




American 0.8
English 0.6


Contains Meat 0.9
Contains Dairy 0.8


Dinner 0.7
Lunch 0.5

Visual Search

Make your content easier to find by enabling users to search by image.

  • Improve Relevance

    Help users find exactly what they're looking for instead of hoping that they'll be able to put together a specific enough text based query.

  • Match More Content

    Surface more results by match similar items when exact results are not available.

  • Understand User Intent

    View what your users are actually looking for to get deeper insights on their intent.

Custom Solutions

We're committed to your success and will work with you to provide an optimal solution for your problem.

  • Custom Models

    If you need to detect or parse specific concepts we can help you tune our models for your use case.

  • Specialized Deployments

    We can help you deploy your models for bulk, offline or low latency inference, including on premise and on mobile devices.

  • Integration Assistance

    We can help you get from 0 to 1 and make the most of our technology with hands on integration support.