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Use the latest deep learning models to
detect and recognize thousands of foods.

Recognize Any Food

Our models are trained on millions of images and can recognize thousands of the most common foods.

  • Dishes

    Recognize commonly eaten dishes, from paninis to paellas.

  • Ingredients

    Detect dish ingredients to refine results and create unlimited combinations.

  • Whole Foods

    Detect whole foods like apples, bananas and nuts.

With the Highest Accuracy

We combine a lot of data, the latest deep learning models and contextual information to provide the highest accuracy.

  • Recognize Past Meals

    Automatically train models to recognize previously eaten meals with human level accuracy.

  • Improve Suggestions Interactively

    Get updated suggestions with each prediction that the user confirms with our interactive input API.

  • Always Improving

    Models improve for your specific use case with each image that you process.

Train Custom Models

Use our technology to train models to recognize specific foods or attributes.

  • Recognize Specific Dishes

    Train models to recognize specific dishes with just a few example images. Improve the models even more after you deploy them.

  • Detect Custom Categories and Attributes

    Annotate images with custom properties and train models to predict them.

Make the most of
the predictions with
the Knowledge Graph.

Predictions are nodes in the knowledge graph so you can reason about them.


Go up or down the relationship hierarchy to tell that "chicken" is a type of "meat" and let user's refine it to "grilled chicken" for more acurate nutritional estimates.

Nutrition Info

Most predicted items include full nutritional details, ingredients and multiple serving sizes so you can calculate caloric content.


Check categorical info such as cuisine, dish type, flavor and preparation method.

External References

Nodes include references to external data sources such as Wikidata and USDA Nutrition Database.

Integrate In Minutes

👴🏻💦 Developers, Developers, Developers!


    Use our JSON based REST API to process images using any programming language.

  • Fully Featured Clients

    Use our fully featured clients to integrate image recognition into your app in as little as 4 lines of code.

  • UI Components

    Use our customizable components to speed up UI integration for common user flows.

import biteai

response = biteai.recognize(image)


> "Hot Dog"

Add Food Logging
to Your App

Get a better picture of your users by enabling them to quickly track what they're eating.

Improve Search
and Discovery

Analyze your images to expand your search index with higher level concepts. Keep users engaged with similar item recommendations.

Moderate and Organize User Submitted Content

Verify that user submitted images match the description and group existing images by dish or ingredients.

Analyze Market Trends

Make sense of unstructured data at scale by Analyze data at scale and understand trends at a deeper level.

Custom Solutions

We're committed to your success and will work with you to provide an optimal solution for your problem.

  • Custom Models

    If you need to detect or parse specific concepts we can help you tune our models for your use case.

  • Specialized Deployments

    We can help you deploy your models for bulk, offline or low latency inference, including on premise and on mobile devices.

  • Integration Assistance

    We can help you get from 0 to 1 and make the most of our technology with hands on integration support.

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